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Sugarhouse Monster

This is a before picture. It does not show how tall it is, but it does shows how close to the powerlines the tree is. Dangerous.

Monster tree. Just the beginning. Notice the telephone lines.

Sugarhouse Monster

This picture shows the bravery and dedication of our hardworking family here at Wild Bill's Tree Service.

Brave crew, hard workers.

Sugarhouse Monster

This is Pablo. He not only helps get the job done, he does it safely. We take pride in our workers being safe.

We work until the job is done. Safely.

Sugarhouse Monster

Our dedicated crew taking a picture memory. Don't want to forget about this big job. Well done fellows.

Big tree, lot's of internal damage.

Sugarhouse Monster

This is a major problem, and why a majority of trees just don't make it. Major tree rot, cancer for trees. Not good.

This is why some trees just don't make it. Major tree rot.

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