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Big Tree

The beginning picture of a big tree that desperatelt needed some trimming.

Beginning picture of a big tree.

Big Tree

Boy was this an interesting challenge. Luckily, at Wild Bill's Tree Service, we specialize in big, tough jobs.We also do them quite well.

Trimming, lots of work.

Big Tree

Scares me to just look at this picture. This man makes it look easy. We do take every safety precaution available to us to ensure our workers get home to their family safely.

Brave, brave, and scary brave.

Big Tree

Little by little, we get the job done. Our specialty is doing the jobs others are scared of.

Slowly but surely,, we get the job done.

Big Tree

Almost done. All the hard work and perseverance pays off in the end.

Almost there.

Big Tree

This thing is coming down whether it likes it or not.


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