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Bear Lake Job #2

This is the beginning picture of a very difficult job. Being so close to the house was quite a challenge. Much thanks to our skilled and very brave crew.

Beginning picture.

Bear Lake Job #2

Work, work, and more work. We at Wild Bill's Tree Service are dedicated to doing good work. We want you to be happy with oue work. That's what we strive for.

Work, danger and tree cutting.

Bear Lake Job #2

Proffesional, safe and productive. We take your problem trees and reduce them to nothing.

Coming down bit by bit.

Bear Lake Job #2

Now where the hard work starts, the last of the work.

Trunk of a big tree.

Bear Lake Job #2

Wow, guess he can fit in the trunk of that old tree. Gotta have fun at work sometimes huh? Great crew, just like a big family.

Wow, cesar can fit in the trunk.

Bear Lake Job #2

Another job is done and done well. Customer is very happy and Wild Bill's Tree Service is happy to have satisfied customers.

A job well done.

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